“We’re all blank canvasses”

28 Mar

We are giddy with excitement at the news that’s making its way around the internet tubes: the soon-to-be-released Bill Cunningham documentary will make an appearance in Denver. LG and I will be lined up outside with all of Bill’s groupies to grab the best seats in the house. Don’t worry: we’ll be reporting live before and after!

Who? Bill Cunningham is the fashion writer/photographer at the NYT famous for documenting daily the interesting clothes that men and women on the street are wearing. Oh, you thought The Sartorialist invented street fashion? No way — but he did take it international.

What?Bill Cunningham New York,” an 88-minute documentary about the man himself. (If you ask me, it should have been more like an 8 hour, three-intermission show–or at least as long as “The Sound of Music.”)

When? Where? In the metro Denver area, it’s playing April 22 (one day only!) at the International Film Series at CU Boulder or beginning that same day (and presumably continuing to play) at the Landmark Theaters in Denver.  For other showings around the country, go here.

Why? Because Anna Wintour says, “We all get dressed for Bill.”


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  1. Alexander McQueen vs. Van Gogh « Office Pretty - May 20, 2011

    […] Bill Cunningham is covering the fashion show on the steps of the Met as people come and go from the exhibit. (Special thanks to reader Anne Marie for sharing this in the comments below. I just had to add it to the post.) See Cunningham’s video coverage here. […]

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