Begin With the Basics

7 Apr

Staples… and we’re not talking Swingline here. We’re talking about the wardrobe staples that every working girl needs in her closet. We consider staples an investment. They don’t go out of style quickly and they incorporate into dozens of feminine work looks.


Together, we developed our very own list of working wardrobe essentials. They are the go-to pieces we can rely on when we’re facing an important client meeting or just can’t think of what to wear (which, between the two of us, happens at least three times per week). With just these 15 items in your closet, you have the needed ammunition to build months of appropriate (and stylish) outfits for work. Over the next six months, we’ll provide you with more detail – links, outfits and our favorites – about all of the essential pieces below.

  1. Black pumps
  2. Black pencil skirt
  3. Trench coat
  4. Black or navy blazer
  5. Fitted black slacks
  6. White oxford button down
  7. Grey pencil or a-line skirt
  8. Large purse
  9. Bright cardigan sweater
  10. Multi-strand necklace
  11. Silk blouse
  12. Skinny belt
  13. Basic work dress
  14. Patterned tights or pantyhose
  15. Shirt dress

One Response to “Begin With the Basics”

  1. Cara Shimizu November 5, 2012 at 2:36 pm #

    LOVE these beautiful, high-quality basics!

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