Staples: Basic Black Pumps

18 Apr

I’m constantly asked, “how do you do it? How do you wear heels all day long?”

First of all, I am motivated: I’m five feet tall with teased hair. Secondly, I’ve found that with the right shoe, it’s actually considerably more comfortable for me to wear a 1″ to 1 1/2″ heel than a flat.

So, after conducting very advanced scientific research (that involved buying countless pairs of uncomfortable and old-lady looking black heels that quickly were donated to the Goodwill after only one or two wears), I’ve discovered a few brands and styles that are reliably comfortable. That means finding a heel I can wear all day without regrets. We’re talking a heel that can brave a press conference, save my soles from the concrete floors of my office, and even encourage me to walk the three blocks to Starbucks instead of drive.

In the pictures above, I’ve pulled together some of my favorites black pumps for your shopping pleasure. For more information, click on the links below (that correspond to each photo above beginning with the top left and moving clockwise):

  1. Cole Haan* Air Swan Pump. Okay, I admit it: these are actually black… and grey. But they’re sa-weet! Source: / $113 (on sale now!)
  2. Michael Kors Smooth Pump. Looking for something taller than my preferred 1 1/2″? These are your gal. They’ve got the height (4 1/2″) without sacrificing the class. Source: / $195
  3. Anyi Lu Tulip Slingback. This is the black patent option in the group. And since LG got to meet Ms. Lu at Nordstrom recently, we love these comfortable and stylish shoes even more. Source: / $365
  4. Enzo Angiolini Elaya Pumps. I picked up these sleek pumps on a big sale a few weeks ago and they haven’t let me down. Source: / $79
  5. Just a different angle on the Enzos.
  6. Urban Outfitter Suede Pump. On the more substantial side and surprisingly soft. Source: Urban Outfitters / $49
  7. (Center) Cole Haan* Air Talia Mid Pump. These are the all stars. They go with everything and the Nike Air platform is truly a miracle. Source: / $198
  8. Tory Burch Amy Pump. The designer touch. Source: / $250

* Cole Haan’s are, hands down, the most reliably comfortable of all *it must be the Nike Air*. And no one is paying me to say that (although I’m definitely open to the possibility of being an official Cole Haan spokesperson.)


2 Responses to “Staples: Basic Black Pumps”

  1. Chris May 16, 2011 at 8:03 pm #

    For those like me who love the height and look of a high heel but want to avoid some of the pain, consider also platform heels. You will add the height and illusion without the severe ankle angle. If you are willing to invest, try Gastone Lucioli’s!


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    […] it classic – Stick to staples rather than trends. That means basic black pumps, blazers and oxfords over platforms and anything with […]

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