Staples: Trench Coat

9 May

Staples: Trench Coat
Staples: Trench Coat by officepretty on 

Ah the trench coat: effortless, classic and oh so flattering. I love just about everything having to do with trench coats – from the structure and the collar to the belted waist and fun buttons. The open collar draws attention to your face while the belted waist and structure flatters the feminine form.

I’m pretty sure that it’s impossible to not look put together wearing a trench coat, which is why I think it’s an absolute essential for any working wardrobe. (Plus, Duchess Catherine regularly rocks a trench coat so that automatically makes it a good fashion choice.)

If you’re on the search for a trench here are a few things to consider:

  1. Price: Trench coats are a popular item, so you can often find them in both high-end stores (Burberry does claim to have invented the trench) and more affordable stores.
  2. Fit: Make sure that the coats fits across your shoulders. If you have broad shoulders, opt for the larger size that fits across your back. You can always alter the sleeves or bring in the waist. If you have more narrow shoulders, look for a coat that fits snug across your back. Small shoulders in a big coat = Frankenstein (that’s not office pretty).
  3. Length: Trench coats come in a variety of lengths. Go at least to the mid-thigh for a more professional and dressy coat and to the waist or upper thigh for a causal trench.
  4. Lining: I am a big fan of fun lining. Consider the climate of your hometown before purchasing a trench coat. They’re made with a variety of linings that range from a thick and warm lining (some insulated linings are removable) to a sheer lining.
The trench coat demands to be taken seriously. It’s a great investment because not only will last for years, but it has the power to score you more points professionally than a wind breaker, snowboard coat or sweatshirt.
Read more about this staple’s LONG history here.

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