Floral Friday

10 Jun

In college I went through a phase where I wore only black turtlenecks and jeans. Depressing, but totally true. I just had so many obligations that I subconsciously created a uniform that made it easy to get dressed. Anyway, we’re all glad that’s over and I’ve moved on to brightly colored cardigans and high-spirited florals.

Florals are a big trend these days, especially in weekend and casual wear. So how can you adapt them for the office? I’ve analyzed my favorite floral pieces and come up with the following tips.

1. The crazier the print (the brighter the colors, the more dizzying the pattern, etc.), the more structured the cut of the piece needs to be. Inherent in this tip is the idea that yes, you can wear bright colors or bold patterns to the office. But, to keep it professional, select tailored cuts with modest details. I have a floral pencil skirt from J. Crew (which you can see me wearing at the bottom of this post) that I wear with a white oxford and brown heels. Anything else would be over the top.

Here’s a subtle example: Both of the pieces below are by J.Crew, and they’re made from the same fabric. The dress on the left is adorable, but gives off a less professional vibe than the pencil skirt simply because the cut is less structured.

See the outfit I put together below under Tip #2 for an example of an outfit built on a tailored pencil skirt in a floral pattern.

2. Mix florals with neutrals. For example, if you’re wearing a floral blouse, keep everything else simple: pair it with a khaki pencil skirt and nude pumps. See another example below:

Also, I think this cardigan from J. Crew (on sale for under $50!) is a good example because of the floral panel and neutral sleeves and back.

3. Try a modern graphic floral for a more understated look. I’m sure that some of our readers think the skirt in the sample outfit above is hideous. I’m okay with that. Graphic florals may be more of your thing. By “graphic” I mean that the pattern has geometric elements and a clear repeat. The overall affect is less craziness without loosing the interest and the “pop.”

A few examples of office pretty clothes in graphic floral prints, all under $100:

4. Finally, try accessorizing with flowers. Scarves! Pins! Jewelry! Shoes!


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