Basic – and beautiful – jewelry pieces

17 Jun

I am a lover of simplicity. For those of you who know me, that may come as a surprise. What? The girl with the closet bursting at the seams actually likes to keep it simple?

By “simple” I mean that I love clean lines, sleek silhouettes and classic pieces. This love applies to jewelry in particular (and maybe furniture).

Let’s put it this way: from the age of 16 to 25, I wore the same pearl earrings every day. Since then, I’ve worn the same diamond studs every day. And, shopping for an engagement ring? Forget about it. I was only interested in simple bands. (No Kim Kardashian diamonds here.)

Lately, I’ve come across some really delicate jewelry pieces that I consider both simple and beautiful. Not only are they pretty, but they are perfect for layering. When I layer simple metal pieces like the finds below, I typically pick necklaces with one shared quality (for example, both are long, or both are gold) and one or more qualities that differ (one has charms, one doesn’t).

For example, I may choose to wear two gold necklaces (they share this in common) that differ in length (this makes each unique). Or, one may be a long, plain chain, while the other is shorter and has a small charm (like this necklace layered with this one.) I may wear two silver necklaces of similar length, with distinctly different charms on the end (like this necklace layered with this one.)

I find that, because you can wear simple pieces on a much more regular basis than a single statement piece, pieces like these are worth a splurge here and there. Below are some of my favorite basic jewelry pieces of late. (Notice the trend of hoops!)

Shop these styles and more…

Looking for even more ideas? Check out our Office Pretty jewelry Pinterest page.


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