Guest post: Making Vintage Jewelry Work for You

22 Jun

Hi there. I (Jill) am exited to introduce you to Office Pretty’s very first guest blogger, Elizabeth from Posies & Plume. EB and I have been friends since high school. Even back then, she was known for her strong sense of personal style, so I’m excited that she’s sharing one of her style secrets today. Enjoy!

Photobucket As an art director in the advertising business, and an avid reader of Office Pretty, I aspire to bring a professional yet artistic style to the things I wear to work at my Louisville, Kentucky office.

One way I add a unique twist to outfits is by wearing vintage jewelry. So I thought I’d share some of my personal collection with you to inspire you to introduce your work wardrobe to a whole new level of variation–without breaking the bank.

Antique and vintage jewelry has a lot of personality so wearing just one piece can change the entire mood of an outfit. I’d venture to say you could don black every day as a canvas and just change the vintage necklace 🙂 Here are some pieces I’ve collected that I can always count on:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Are you seeing how these pieces can spice up the everyday clothes you’ve already got? So hit up a yard sale, vintage shop, antique mall, estate sale or grandma’s box of forgotten treasures in the attic (but ask her first). Most of my collection came from scavenging through estate sales on Saturday mornings — the most I’ve ever paid for a piece at one of these sales is $8.

More fantastic photos and ideas after the jump.

Some of fashion’s biggest brands sell new jewelry that looks vintage at MUCH higher prices.  Just compare these pieces from my jewelry box with some higher priced designers’ necklaces that look very similar:

Necklace found at an estate sale, $2  |  Anthropologie necklace, $38


Necklace found at an estate sale, $1  |  Kate Spade necklace, $128


Necklace found at a vintage shop, $4  |  Kate Spade necklace, $228


So there you have it: glitzy and fashionable accessories can be had on a budget!

Hey, and if you’re feeling really vintage-ish try wearing your findings with vintage clothes with tips from this previous Office Pretty post. It will make you feel good, as a gal who knows how to make the reuse and up-cycle work for your wardrobe.

– Elizabeth Brown, Posies & Plume


3 Responses to “Guest post: Making Vintage Jewelry Work for You”

  1. Alice June 22, 2011 at 2:17 pm #

    I love EB’s vintage style and her eye for classic and classy pieces! Invite her
    back soon!

  2. kim June 23, 2011 at 2:40 am #

    you’re right, antique and vintage jewelry can really change the entire mood of an outfit. The second necklace and my Sno of Sweden necklace look very similar. I absolutely adore the vintage style!


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    […] Making vintage jewelry work for you […]

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