Outlet Shopping in Metro Denver

24 Jun

A benefit of living in a thriving metropolis that draws tourists is easy access to outlet stores. I visit the best outlets a few times a year and I’ve reviewed my favorites below. I’ve tried to pull samples of actual items I’ve seen in the outlets in the links that are part of the reviews.

Outlet shopping

All of the casual Friday items shown here are available now at the Neiman Marcus online outlet shop Last Call. Jeans by Rock & Republic, blazer by Michael Kors, shades by Chloe, bag by Elaine Turner, shoes by Delman.

One note about my opinion on what makes an outlet worth your while: I like outlets that sell discounted merchandise that is left over from the full-price stores. I am not a fan of outlets (like Ann Taylor and Banana Republic) that fill the shelves with cheaper versions of their full-priced items. I am lookin’ for a deal, not for cheaper material and a sloppier cut.

Click “continue reading” to see reviews of the Sak’s outlet, J. Crew factory and more!

Off 5th by Saks Fifth Avenue

  • Good for… work basics and deals on investment pieces. Expect to find brands like Coach shoes, Sinclaire 10 at 50-75% off.
  • Locations: Lakewood and Castle Rock
  • Word to the wise: The Saks (non-outlet) store in Denver’s yuppy Cherry Creek shopping district recently closed its doors. It remains to be seen how this will impact the quality of the selection at the outlets in the area. Also, if you were waiting for something at the Cherry Creek store to be further marked down in final days of the sale, but then you didn’t make it back in time to purchase, it’s worth a trip to the outlet. There’s a chance it’s waiting for you there!

J. Crew Outlet

  • Good for… classic J. Crew styles like the Jackie cardigan and shell
  • Location: Castle Rock
  • Word to the wise: The bad news is that about 60% of the merch in the store is cheaper versions of the real deal (that’s my best guess). The good news is that J. Crew is upfront about the fact that they produce clothes specifically for the outlet. They even have what they call the “factory” store online and open on the weekends. If you’ve ordered from their online factory store, we’d love to hear about your experience in the comments.

BCBG Max Azria Outlet

  • Good for… adding a few unique twists to your work wardrobe. For example, I have a black pencil skirt with brown polka dots that I picked up at a BCBG outlet in Florida and it’s one of my favorite skirts ever. This angular blazer is a sample of something you might find at this store.
  • Location: Lakewood
  • Word to the wise: Many of BCBG’s items aren’t appropriate for the office, but if you don’t mind sorting through the racks this shop is worth a stop.

Last Call by Neiman Marcus

  • Good for… cocktail dresses for client events and schmoozing. I found a stunning Laundry by Shelli Segal watercolor, floor-length gown for a gala at Last Call just a few months ago.
  • Location: Lakewood
  • Word to the wise: Sometimes outlet prices aren’t all that discounted, so sometimes it’s worth a trip to the sale rack at the real Neiman Marcus in Cherry Creek too. Like J. Crew, Last Call also has its own website.
  • Random thought for the day: I went to elementary school with a kid named Marcus Neiman. For realz.

Hey Colorado! Are there other outlet stores that you like? Tell us about them in the comments below and we might post your review.


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