Office outfit inspiration from Jigsaw

19 Jul

Are you in a summer outfit slump? When I’m in the need for a few good ideas, I sometimes sift through my favorite catalogs (yes, the paper kind. I am so old fashioned!) or hop online to ooh and aah at look books until I get a bright outfit idea. (“Look books” are online picture collections put together by a brand to showcase how you can mix and match their pieces, or to capture a celeb’s signature style. For an example, check out this Kate Middleton look book.) Today, I’ve found some office pretty inspiration via Jigsaw’s summer look book. I first fell in love with Jigsaw on a trip to San Fran earlier this summer. I picked up a lovely sheer top that I regularly wear to work. Since then, it’s been all love, all the time.

My favorite thing about this look is the blouse ($91). I love the petite bow buttons. This blouse is great because it’s unique, fun and still really professional. It not only works with a patterned pencil skirt, but would also be perfect to add a little interest to a good old black suit. You could also go casual with this top by pairing it with high-waisted wide leg jeans (tucked in with a slender black belt) or skinny black jeans (untucked). Shop the full look here.

This cute outfit incorporates two Office Pretty favorites: 1. A skinny belt and 2. A colorful cardigan. This is a perfect outfit for a breezy summer day that hopefully involves a little work in the office followed by a lot of happy hour. Shop a similar dress here and the cute sandals here.

The pencil skirt from the first photo provides a completely different look when paired with this feminine black top and detailed grey belt. This look is great because it works for the office but also transitions easily into an evening look. Heading out on a date? Slip on pumps and a little lipstick (like this in berry) and you’re ready to go. Shop the full look here


One Response to “Office outfit inspiration from Jigsaw”

  1. Sabrina July 22, 2011 at 12:48 pm #

    Love that top in photo 1, and the whole look in outfit 3. I need to get myself one of these pencil skirts. I’m convinced.

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