The Business of Unmentionables

23 Aug

Today we’re tackling underwear (I’m blushing)… after the jump.

On any given day, I think long and hard about what I’ll be wearing. You know the drill: Remove at least three shirts from my closet, pull out two to four pairs of shoes, try on a pair of pants and a skirt, and then end up wearing a dress. I think many of us spend a great deal of time focusing on what we’re wearing on the outside without ever considering a very important aspect of our outfit — what we’re wearing under our clothes. Not considering your undergarments can lead to seriously unfortunate situations, like being the girl whose navy blue flowered panties show through her white pants, or even this. So, today I’m recommending some sleek and comfortable undies.

What to wear if…

1) Your pants, skirt or dress is sheer or light-colored: If there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that showing your underwear at work isn’t a good idea, ever. Women often choose white undies for wearing under light colors or sheer fabrics, but the best choice is nude panties. Our favorite — My Skins Girl Short (these come in 20 skin shades!)

2) You prefer more coverage: Undergarments that offer more coverage can be comfortable and cute. Boy shorts are a great solution. Try different colors, fabric choices and brands to ensure that boy shorts don’t show through your clothes. Our favorite — boy shorts by Hanky Panky (try finding these at Nordstrom Rack and TJMaxx to save a few bucks).

3) You don’t want panty lines: Say goodbye to panty lines for good with laser cut panties. Our favorite — Commando thongs.

4) You want an instant tummy tuck: Shapewear has come a looong way  and can now be found in a variety of cuts and fabrics that work for women of all ages. Our favorite — Cosabella Never Say Never Sexy Control Thong.

5) You need to tuck it in and smooth it out: As far as I am concerned, Spanx wrote the book on shapewear. From pieces that enhance your ass-ets to simple pieces for everyday wear, Spanx has it covered. Our favorite — The Skinny Britches line because it smoothes without cutting off your circulation.

Do you have tips you want to share with others? Email us at officepretty [at] and we’ll post your tips anonymously.


2 Responses to “The Business of Unmentionables”

  1. Megan September 20, 2011 at 3:03 pm #

    What a clever title and post;)


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    […] A few more of my new favorite unmentionables […]

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