Guest Post: An Intentional Fall

12 Sep

I am honored to share a glimpse into the world of one of my dear friends today on Office Pretty. Guest blogger Brit Hanson is a creative soul who works as a freelance collaborator, consultant and convener out of Omaha, Nebraska. (She is a genius, I tell you. We’ll all be reading her books one day.) Her style vibe has come a l-o-n-g way since we met in college. As expected, this post is packed with great fashion and wisdom beyond her years. Dive in! xo Jill

Guest Blogger Brit Hanson

I made the leap into self-employment because I wanted more freedom and choice. As I celebrate my one-year freelancing birthday this month, I’m proud of and astonished by how much has changed for me in 365 days. It hasn’t happen passively — it is the sum of a hundred seemingly inconsequential choices plus a few of which I was terrifyingly aware were highly critical.

Because I’ve given up a few certainties (bi-weekly salary, employer sponsored health benefits, etc.) for the sake of complete freedom, I’ve had to get very clear about what I value; when a few tough days stack up, it’s certainty about my conscious choices that keeps me floating.

One of those seemingly inconsequential choices which has turned out to be very significant is a choice we all make every morning: what am I going to where today? I have a set of intentions through which most of my decisions flow, including this one.

I practice gratitude.

I travel lightly.

I honestly express.

I experience beauty.

I know: a weighty set of intentions to grapple with at seven in the morning… especially for me. (Some people whistle and sing while brewing the coffee; I swear like a sailor.) To make the mornings easier, I take a few hours as the seasons are changing to take stock of my wardrobe in the context of these intentions. Every day is different for me and I need a wardrobe that is as versatile as my work: meetings at city hall, Skype conference calls, coffee with a client, and co-working at Peerless Gallery and Worksite. I look into the closet and ask, What will serve me well this season, what has got to go, and where are the holes?

The fibers, textures and details I put on my body are the early morning (and mostly sub-conscious) preparations for another day full of choice: today I choose to feel at home in my own skin, to remember my brilliance, to ride my bike instead of drive, and to choose a 30 hour work week instead of taking on a new client.

These are the kinds of items that will fill my closet this season — the ones that will help me remain mindful in the mornings when I’m filling the swear jar with quarters:

Snappy Oxfords

Easy with jeans or cropped chinos | Jansen Leopard Oxford, $88

Playful Mid-Thigh Jacket

A punch of I have something to say color for my generally monochromatic wardrobe | Twill Coat by Talbots, $229

Fem Flow Blouse & Pants

Easy going don’t stress about that conference call look | Blythe blouse in silk by J.Crew, $98

Vintage Stuff Carrier

Throw it over your shoulder on-the-go bag | Spotted on From Paris to London

Short Hairs

The boldest intention statement I wear — an unpretentious, yet certain pixie cut.

If you’re on Pinterest, be sure to follow Brit’s “wearable” pinterest board where she keeps tabs on the latest stiles for her life.


One Response to “Guest Post: An Intentional Fall”

  1. Anne Marie September 19, 2011 at 5:11 pm #

    You never cease to inspire me, Brittany! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on why it matters what we wear. I’m trying to establish something of a morning routine right now (other than hitting snooze too long and then dashing out the door). Part of that routine includes putting more effort into what I wear to work. I do better work when my outfit helps me express beauty.

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