Staples: Wild Tights

22 Nov

Around our office, we often talk about the “finishing piece.” This is the piece that adds the final touch to an outfit, the piece that says “I’ve got this, I’m pulled together here.”

(Photo from Anthropologie)

One of my favorite finishing pieces, and an Office Pretty staple, is a cute pair of patterned or colorful tights or pantyhose. They are typically a very office-appropriate way to add a little (or a lot of) personality to an outfit. They can jazz up an LBD or add a little funk to an everyday pencil skirt. They are an easy and affordable way to make your outfit more memorable – and I guarantee you will get compliments if you do it right (we’ll show you how).

(Photo from JCrew)

If it’s your first time incorporating patterned tights into a work look, here are a few beginner’s tips:

  • Begin with a basic piece – a solid dress is a great starting point. From there, consider the other accessories you’ll wear: A gold belt? A purple brooch? Tie your tights into one of these other accessories by matching the accent color.
  • Not set on starting with a solid color? Think about pairing bold, thick stripes with tiny polka dots or a small floral pattern. Or, you can try a floral dress with geometric pantyhose, like this. Hint: It’s the varying sizes of the patterns that makes this pattern-on-pattern look work.
  • You can also try to separate patterns with a solid. Separate a patterned pair of tights and patterned top with a solid skirt (like this).
  • Feeling nervous about patterned tights? You can always dress up your outfit with brightly colored tights instead. It adds a fun, while still appropriate, touch to your outfit. I just love a pair of bright tights with a neutral outfit. (I have eggplant tights that are just fabulous!)

And now, a few more great patterned tights from around the web (they make a great stocking stuffer!)

  • Textured tights in so many fun colors. The aqua reminds me of this great Kate Spade look.
  • This is an entry-level pair of patterned tights – just a dainty detail.
  • Patterned pantyhose with built in control that would look amazing with a more formal work look. Think Nanette Lepore suit*These could even be worn in a more corporate setting. 
  • An amazing floral pattern that can be worn with a wide variety of colors. Wear with an LBD, a solid-colored shift dress or even a skirt that falls just above the knee. Keep the rest of your look conservative if you want to try these at the office. *Tip: Sadly, these just may not work if you work in a more corporate office (stick with the tights above instead). 

One Response to “Staples: Wild Tights”

  1. Alex November 22, 2011 at 9:43 am #

    I’m likin’ your style today Office Pretty (thumbs up)!

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