Top Trends of 2011

31 Dec

Obviously we love a good trend, done right of course, here at Office Pretty. In a year filled with so many Office Pretty trends – military-styled, trenches, vintage-inspired, mod, lace, anything and everything feminine – it was hard to zero in on just five that we loved. So, we expanded our list to a lucky seven trends we loved in 2011. (Who can blame us?)

  1. Geek chic
  2. Chambray
  3. Stacked or Chunky Jewelry
  4. Oxfords
  5. Flowy skirts
  6. Color block
  7. Florals

One Response to “Top Trends of 2011”


  1. Color Blocked, the sequal « Office Pretty - February 14, 2012

    […] We’ve written about it before (and that other time too!), but now color-blocked dresses, coats, blouses, skirts and accessories are finally available to the masses. And since color-blocking has been all over the fall runways too, you can be sure this isn’t a one-season wear purchase. […]

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