Three Trend Predictions for Spring 2012

11 Jan

I’m no sensei or fortune teller, but I did spend an obscene amount of time over the weekend flipping through photos from designers’ spring 2012 ready to wear (RTW) lines. It’s amazing to me how common themes emerge even though designers compiled their collections independently and their collections, when viewed holistically, have very distinct vibes. Below, I’ve distilled three trends you can expect to see on the rack and around town — trends that are 100% office pretty and ready to be adopted by you!

1. The skinny belt is here to stay. Which is good news since it’s a flattering and affordable accessory. Read our full post on the skinny belt here.

Embraced by: Valentino (pictured below – left), Leonard and Jean Paul Gaultier

Off the rack: at J.Crew, $34 (pictured below – right)

2. Chunky lace fabric lends a fresh, feminine touch to springs’ clothes.

Embraced by: Louis Vuitton (pictured below – left), Valentino and Alexander McQueen (I am not saying you should wear this to the office, just that it supports my observation above)

Off the rack: at J.Crew, $59.50 (picture below – right)

3. 1920s details, like the drop waist, continue to influence design.

Embraced by: Celine, Jill Stuart (pictured below – left) and Chanel

Off the rack: at Asos, $76 (pictured below – right)

p.s. Have you noticed the trend among online retailers to offer free shipping and returns (with no or low minimum purchase amount)? It used to be just Zappos, but lately I’ve noticed others (Nordstrom, ShopBop) jumping on the wagon too. This is great news for the working girl as it removes any disincentive from shopping on your iPad during the staff meeting since we tend to be working during mall hours. If you have favorite online retailers offering free shipping and returns, please share in the comments below. XO


3 Responses to “Three Trend Predictions for Spring 2012”

  1. Sabrina D'Agosta January 11, 2012 at 1:15 pm #

    The drop waist is one of my all time favorite looks, but it seems like it’s only flattering on tall, slender body types. Thoughts?

  2. Admin January 13, 2012 at 8:34 am #

    Good question, Sabrina. Neither Laura nor I are the tall, slender type 🙂 And I’ll admit that if you’re really curvey either up top or on the bottom, this probably isn’t a good option for you. But I have a drop waist dress that I love to wear because it’s so comfortable. I think there are a few keys to making sure it looks good: it should skim your hips, not hug them. And it should hang elegantly from under your arms until the band at the dropped waist.

    At least don’t rule this trend out without trying it on! – Jill


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