With Love From the Golden Globes

16 Jan

I really like movies. I really like clothes. So, you would think that I would really like award shows. Not so — I can’t take the long acceptance speeches or the even longer commercial interruptions. For last night’s Golden Globes, I relied on HuffPo’s live blogging to follow the jokes and awards while constantly refreshing InStyle’s red carpet coverage, hoping to see more and more red carpet pics.

Here are a few thoughts on what I’m seeing on the red carpet that I hope is coming to a cubicle near you soon.

Bright (red) lipstick. It was everywhere. Women were wearing it with neutrals and colors that popped. Would you give this a try? Share in the comments below.


Sleek silhouettes. Pulling of a sleek silhouette is all about fit. These dresses are flawless in fit, especially around the hips and arms / shoulders. What would we do without a good tailor?

P.S. A few of my favorite #GoldenGlobe tweets from last night:

1) @ZooeyDeschanel said: I am wearing a gown but my nails are wearing tuxedos!!! #goldenglobes instagr.am/p/hiuYs/

2) @DamienFahey said: The Help is about getting Christopher Plummer off the stage, right? #GoldenGlobes

3) @vogueandcoffee said:For a change, the men were orange and the women were pale #GoldenGlobes


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