Obsessed: A Slice of Heaven

22 Feb

I just returned from an amazing trip to San Francisco, one of my favorite cities in the world. Not only did I come back with a few Office Pretty items like this cute blazer and this lovely spring Equipment shirt, but I also came back with a new obsession: sliced diamonds.

Sliced diamonds are definitely a huge splurge, so let’s take a moment to just dream about them together.

This is similar to the ring that I saw while shopping in one of my favorite neighborhoods, Pacific Heights (the one I saw was in yellow gold with a lighter center diamond slice). I absolutely love that this ring is flush against the skin and, trust me, it is so stunning in person. I think it would look perfect with my wedding bands (hint, hint Tom).

Borgioni, the designer who makes the ring above, also makes these amazing earrings. Aren’t the sliced diamond stones here beautiful? So natural.

These earrings serve as a reminder of just how unique sliced diamonds are – no two are alike.

As long as we are in dreamland, if you really want a splurge, here is a sliced diamond necklace that costs more than most cars.


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