Comeback Kid

27 Mar

A recent New York Times article spotted by a colleague of ours says it best: Skirts are “a lively way to recharge a wardrobe and give a vigorous kick-start to spring.” As a longtime lover of skirts, I’m fairly certain I’ve never gone a full work week without donning a pencil or a line skirt. This article is music to my ears – skirts are making a comeback in a big way this spring.

There is something so lovely, feminine and classic about a skirt paired with pumps. I find them flattering and, quite frankly, skirts make me feel pretty. Here are just a few of my favorite office pretty skirts for the spring.

Polka dots, pleats and chiffon? ‘Nuff said. If you love polka dots check these out too:

This spring floral skirt just begs to be worn on a sunny day. Pair it with the classic oxford shirt, a strand of pearls and pumps for a decidedly feminine outfit. Other prints we love:

I love having skirts in unexpected colors. Anyone can wear a black, navy or grey skirt. How about yellow for the spring? I recently purchased a bright red pencil skirt from J Crew (here I am wearing it) that I adore. Here are a few other colors to brighten up your wardrobe.


2 Responses to “Comeback Kid”

  1. Alex March 27, 2012 at 9:43 am #

    Dear Office Pretty,

    I also love this look, however, I have had trouble finding a skirt that works for me and my body shape. I am on the shorter side of the height spectrum and have a relatively small frame, so most of the skirts in this style that I have tried on look frumpy and old-ladyish instead of the young, fresh and classy look I am going for. Any suggestions?

    • Admin March 29, 2012 at 3:00 pm #

      Dear Stylish and Short-ish,

      Great question. I too am on the shorter side, so I can speak from my own experience when I offer these two tips:

      1) Get used to the fact that buying a skirt pretty much means having it tailored. After a quick glance at my closet, I can say confidently that at least 75% of my skirts were hemmed post-purchase. Many were also taken in at the waist as well.

      2) When you’re getting it hemmed, make sure it hits one of two “sweet” spots that even short people have: the space just above or below the knee where your leg is its skinniest. (Note: If it’s above that skinny spot on top of the knee, it’s probably too short to be office appropriate, but may still be fine for weekend brunch or drinks with the girls.) If you’re in the sweet zone, you significantly reduce any risk of looking frumpy.

      3) Wear heels. I am seriously thinking about purchasing the polka dot skirt pictured in the post above. But I would never be able to wear it with flats like the model. That’s just a fact of life for short women. Embrace it.


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