Toes to Trot

25 Jun

Dear Office Pretty,

It’s so hot that I have no other option than to wear open-toe shoes to work. Can you help me find a great nail polish that’s appropriate for the office too? Thanks!


A worthy question from a reader considering that this season lots of fun and funky nail trends have surfaced. (Leopard print, floral, or geometrics anyone?) Unfortunately, most of these trends aren’t really, shall we say, office pretty. Fun for a wedding? Yes! Great for lying out by the pool? Absolutely! A good choice to communicate that you take your job seriously? Not a chance.

Don’t be too disheartened. There’s a great range of colors available from the classic to the trendy that can make your toes shine (appropriately) at the office. And may we take a moment to commend our reader for even noting that toes should be manicured (even if it’s a DIY job) before making an appearance at the office.

  • OPI, Bubble Bath – a soft, subtle and natural pink finish
  • essie, Sand Tropez – a soft, sandy beige that works with a surprising number of skin colors
  • essie, Pure Pearlfection – this metallic top coat is meant to be paired with a subtle color underneath (but we think it could be pretty on its own too)
  • essie, Island Hopping – a rich, plum mauve that looks great with summer’s soft colors
  • essie, e-nuf is e-nuf – a bright on-trend coral that transitions easily from the office to the pool
  • butter,  Jaffa – a bolder, juicier orange; try it with neutral greys and greens for a sophisticated pop
  • OPI, Cha-ching Cherry – a classic red; we recommend avoiding anything metallic in the red family since it’s summer



2 Responses to “Toes to Trot”

  1. mommy brain June 27, 2012 at 1:31 pm #

    I like all these colors, but I always thought a little flashy was ok on the toes, not finger nails of course, even at the office? By flashy, I mean something like bright blue or turquoise or hot bubble gum pink, nothing too over-the-top. Am I being inappropriate with my bright blue toes at the office?

    • Admin August 13, 2012 at 8:20 pm #

      Great question! The short answer is no, you’re not being too flashy if you go a little bold on the toes. The colors we recommend above are not intended to be a comprehensive list, but instead some trendy colors that are also office appropriate. Have fun with your bright blues and pinks that pop!

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