How Pinteresting!

31 Aug

Have we mentioned how much we love, love, love Pinterest? (In case you’ve been living in a cave in Antarctica for the last year, Pinterest is an image-bookmarking social media site where you can save and organize images you find on the interwebs.)

There’s no better one-stop-shop for daily inspiration than Pinterest. Here are a few of our favorite fashion pinners and their pin boards that are particularly office pretty.

  • Joanna Hawley is a designer for Anthropologie (need I go on?) & blogger. We follow her What to Wear board where she pins clothes with modern shapes and feminine details like this:

  • Taking it way beyond fashion, pinner Jessica Colaluca is all about details. Her My Style Pinboard is a mish-mash of clothes, accessories, and vignettes sure to inspire!







And last but not least, don’t miss our Office Pretty Fall 2012 board, where we pin all things fall.


One Response to “How Pinteresting!”

  1. Katie Samuels August 31, 2012 at 3:50 pm #

    Love this post!… Except I don’t know if I can handle having any more reasons to be obsessed with Pinterest!

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