Superheros of Fashion

23 Oct

The cape has been attempting a comeback for at least a season or two. But judging by the streets in Paris, it’s back. For real.

Remember the red cape from my post last week? That was a real bona fide cape (a closure at the neck, a lovely drape, and slits for easy arm movement).

But the other thing I saw in France was the wannabe-cape: wearing a regular coat draped over the shoulders as if it were a cape.

Don’t you just love capes?! They’re elegant and glamorous, yet many of the ones on the rack today are casual enough for everyday wear. Here are a few of my favorite finds:

  • Funnel neck. Houndstooth. Double-buckle closure. Need I say more? Ralph Lauren wool cape ($150)
  • Looking for a little more waist definition? This belted cape by Cole Haan is made of a cosy wool-cashmere blend (SALE! $286)
  • This affordable cape by MaxStudio has minimal styling but a long, dramatic shape (SALE! $148)

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